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April 2015


Vaughan LippertVaughan Lippert was using a wheelchair for longer distances and was recovering some movement in his legs following a stroke when he called Michigan AgrAbility to find out how he could continue farming. Learn more about Vaughan and the assistance provided Michigan AgrAbility at:

Michigan AgrAbility has a Pinterest page! Thanks to the work of Michigan AgrAbility's creative volunteer, Ginnie Smith, there are over 600 pins on ten boards in just a few weeks! Boards include farm safety, assistive technology and farmer stories. Visit the farm inspiration page for sayings, photography and humor that will make your day. Get ideas for indoor and outdoor farm d├ęcor, do it yourself projects for the farm and home and enjoy some farm trivia. Look for wedding ideas, farm entertainment; special needs vacation destinations and wheelchair traveling tips. Join Michigan AgrAbility on Pinterest at

Submitted by Deb Chester