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May 2015


KY AgrAbility is back on the road talking to clients and attending conferences. While Linda, Kevin, and Maryfrances went to New York to admire the ice at Niagara Falls and attend the 2015 NTW, John, Robin, and Beth were in Nashville at the National American Occupational Therapist Conference at the Music City Center. Both conferences were well attended and provided interesting topics and opportunities to educate and be educated.

The 12th Annual AT Conference and KY Spinal Cord Congress will be held at the Griffin Gate Marriott in Lexington, KY on June 17th and 18th. This is a chance for those with disabilities and professionals that work with disabled patients to find new ways to cope and to explore new technology. The Spinal Cord Congress focuses on the problems faced after a spinal cord injury. New legislation for those in wheel chairs is presented and informative panel discussions combine to educate and share information for those attending.

Submitted by Linda Bokros