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August 2015

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Farming program helps veterans cope with depression, PTSD

"One woman is helping other veterans in Indiana work through issues with PTSD with an unusual outlet -- farming."
rtv6 / The Indy Channel

Farm use of drones to take off as feds loosen restrictions

The small, relatively inexpensive vehicles could replace humans in a variety of ways around large farms: transmitting detailed information about crops to combines and sprayers, directing them very precisely to problem spots and cutting down on the amount of water and chemicals that a farmer needs to use in those areas.

Portable farms take root as new use for shipping containers

“People are realizing that we need a sustainable and very cost-effective source of produce,” says Local Roots co-founder Daniel Kuenzi. Growing food in portable containers can accomplish just that.

Farmers abandoning organic farming despite lure of higher price premiums

" farming in the West is far from booming, even as sales of organic foods are increasing sharply, albeit from a very low base. If there’s so much money to be made in organics, then why aren’t more farmers switching?"
Genetic Literacy Project

The Superplant That May Finally Topple The Rubber Monopoly

"Since the early 20th century, American researchers, entrepreneurs, and statesmen have eyed the plant as a way of freeing the U.S. economy from this deep dependence on Asia."

How a Modern Root Cellar Could Help Small Farms Sell Food Year-Round

This second-generation farmer is putting a modern twist on an old-fashioned idea that could help scale up the local food economy in the region.
Civil Eats

Can meal kits aid small farmers?

Putting food on the table on a busy weeknight is a universal problem. Possible solution? Kits made of raw ingredients — portioned and sometimes prepped — that can be assembled quickly to make a meal “from scratch.”
Morning Ag Clips

Police went undercover to catch criminals. Their failure was inspiring.

After two robberies of wheelchair-bound people that were carried out at knifepoint, a Vancouver police officer went undercover as a paralyzed man in a wheelchair.

Veterans into Farmers, at Sterling College

"It’s not exactly beating swords into plowshares – or maybe it is – but a new program has been launched to educate and train American Veterans to become productive, sustainable farmers."

Value of Drones in Agriculture Being Studied

The American Farm Bureau Federation and Measure released a study that identifies and quantifies the benefits of drone technology in precision agriculture.
Wisconsin Ag Connection

Grow better veggies with LED lights

"What’s the secret to growing fantastically flavorful or even extra nutrient-dense fruits and veggies? According to the Netherlands’ GrowWise Center urban farming research lab, it’s all about light..."

How a Former Marketing Manager Ended Up Farming for Those in Need

"Chip Paillex and his organization America’s Grow-a-Row have a simple mission: Grow food for the hungry."

Everything you always wanted to know about fish farming but were afraid to ask

"The New Aquaculture(TM) is sleek and clean, with always-advancing science and technology on hand to help producers keep an eye on sustainability, as well as the bottom line."