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August 2015


Lee Kayhart - dairy farmer & double arm amputeeSummer brings on county fairs and field days which also provide many opportunities to promote AgrAbility services. The Vermont AgrAbility Project held their second field day on Thursday, July 30. Presentation highlights included a passionate welcome by Lee Kayhart, host dairy farmer anddouble arm amputee, several farmer veterans from around Vermont, Bill Begley from Life Essentials, and a viewing of "It Can't Happen To Me," a video featuring four Vermont farmers with various disabilities, including Lee and 95-year-old Merton Pike. Merton, aLee Kayhart & Merton Pike double leg amputee, is one of VT AgrAbility's original peer support members, having helped many recently disabled individuals. Exhibitors included Extension and agency representatives, vendors with adaptation devices, the Vermont Center for Independent Living, and more. Daryl Lowrey, one of the forefathers of the AgrAbility program from the early 90's and now a wheelchair user himself, was able to join them.

Submitted by George Cook