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September 2015

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How This Produce Pioneer Popularized the Kiwi and Forever Changed the American Palate

She holds the title of the first female to launch, own and operate a wholesale business in the male-dominated U.S. produce industry.

Opportunities for Native Youth Available through APHIS' Safeguarding Natural Heritage Program

"Through the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) Safeguarding Natural Heritage (SNH) program, the USDA partners with Tribal Colleges and Universities to promote youth exposure to agriculture, natural resources, and wildlife biology."

Specially trained dogs help out farmers with disabilities

"PHARM Dog USA has a shoestring budget, but founder Jackie Allenbrand is committed to help disabled farmers prove they can be as independent as their able-bodied peers."
The Seattle Times

Turning cow poo into power is profitable for US farm

For most farms, manure is a pungent problem. At Homestead Dairy, it smells like money. The family-run American farm invested in a biogas recovery system which transforms cow poo and other waste into electricity.

DuPont Pioneer launches new service

"DuPont Pioneer...announced the release of its Encirca℠ Yield Fertility Management Service, a powerful tool for maximizing production within growers’ existing fertility budgets."

Mahindra hosts National Dealer Meeting

"Mahindra USA is excited to host its fifth National Dealer Meeting (NDM) in Kansas City, Missouri, October 28-31, 2015, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown and the Kansas City Convention Center."

The growing demand for "fair food"

"At what cost to farm workers do we enjoy our fruits and vegetables? Are we willing to pay a little more at the checkout counter to better their lot?"

Amazon is testing farmers market produce delivery

"Imagine getting greens and herbs from Maggie’s Farm, Mangalitsa pork from Peads & Barnetts, black cod from Wild Local Seafood and melons from Weiser Family Farms all delivered to your doorstep within 36 hours of harvest, ordered with just a mouse click."
Los Angeles Times

Farm safety 101: Rural firefighters train for grain bin emergency

"The scene had all the elements of a full-fledged disaster. There was a grain bin, an auger running and a person missing."
Indiana Prairie Farmer

New approach to farm transition planning

"Ag Transition Partners, a group of educators and agricultural consultants, is launching a new, no-cost farm transition planning project that includes webinars, on-site or virtual coaching and action plan templates."

Projects Emphasize Open-Source Technology and Data for Agriculture

Around the world ... the next generation of food system leaders often lacks access to the latest data and technologies that are vital to the success of farm businesses.

Four Ways Mexico's Indigenous Farmers Are Practicing the Agriculture of the Future

"How can we get the most out of our farmland without harming the planet?"
Yes! Magazine

Food Stamp Spending At Farmers Markets Is Up 600% Since 2008

"Farmers markets have a reputation in some parts of the country as an affluent affectation, but some new statistics show that that, thankfully, isn't really the case."
modern farmer

Don't Worry, Honey, The Other Bees Have Your Back

"We've seen with osmia that they can carry up to 100 times more pollen than what a honeybee can."

Program Roundup - SARE Funding Available Around the Country

"The Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education or SARE program is a farmer driven research and education competitive grants program designed to help advance sustainable agriculture across the whole of American agriculture."
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Beekeeping Gives Prisoners a Sweeter Future

"A growing number of inmates are reaping the therapeutic benefits of working with bees."

Corn Wars

"The Department of Justice maintains that China is quietly permitting and even encouraging companies to steal American agricultural secrets right out of the ground."
New Republic

The Last Word With Animal Behaviorist Temple Grandin

"Here’s what the world’s coolest animal behaviorist wants you to know now."
modern farmer

FSA financing options improving

"For fruit and vegetable growers, especially operators of small and mid-scale family farms, packing and storage sheds serve as critical pieces of their farm operations, allowing fresh produce to be safely washed, sorted, graded, labeled, boxed up, and stored before it heads to market."

'Agrihoods' Offer Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms, Not Golf Courses

"The model takes the idea of farm-to-table to the next level."
Huffpost Impact

Scientists want to use this trick to make your tomatoes tastier

"But by slightly tweaking the way tomatoes are prepared for sale, scientists say, they can make them just a bit yummier."
The Washington Post

Agricultural drones may change the way we farm

"Despite the pervasive idea that drones are primarily useful for surveillance or warfare, agriculture drones are expected to make up 80 percent of the future commercial market..."
The Boston Globe

As Farm Aid Turns 30, A Look Back at What It's Done for Farmers

“Farm Aid really was the organization that brought the people’s attention to the family farmer."
modern farmer

There's a new sustainable ag technique in town, and it's cleaning up

"The farming technique known as push-pull — which involves planting grasses with special properties to protect crops — started out as a rudimentary defense against stem borer insects."

This Food Truck is Giving Ex-Offenders a Path to Better Jobs

"Snowday is the first of its kind: a food truck that sources its food locally and employs formerly incarcerated people trying to get back on their feet."
Civil Eats

Farming Pioneer Joel Salatin's Secrets to Reconnecting with your Food

"Salatin is a third generation farmer whose farm helps to support three thousand families, fifty restaurants, and ten retail outlets through various programs and buying clubs."

The Nuna Bean: 'Power Popper' Has Funny Name, Serious Nutritional Benefits

"Kisha thinks the humble nuña has “the right stuff” as a niche crop for small-scale growers and a healthy snack food for consumers—namely, high protein content, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and assorted phytonutrients."

Drawing on Childhood Memories: Why Farming Needs to Laugh

"A life-long attachment to cartoons and the countryside has enabled and inspired a US country boy to show rural America the importance of laughter."
The Pig Site