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October 2015


Sunbelt Expo Aerial ViewAgrAbility in Georgia staff are busy helping plan for the Sun Belt Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. The Expo is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the South. Life Essentials will be attending as AgrAbility's guest and will have a great display to share with attendees. The expo is held October 20-22.

Paige Tidwell, AgrAbility vocational specialist, is the president of the Georgia Rehabilitation Association (GRA). GRA is a membership organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through education and advocacy. GRA members are made up largely of VR counselors from around the state. Paige is heading their statewide conference being held September 1-4 in Augusta, GA.

Paige has also been attending a 3-tiered training program for licensed clinicians who serve service members and veterans. The first tier is about military culture, the second goes into specific issues related to sleep disorders, suicidal ideation, brain injuries, PTSD, family issues, ethical considerations, etc. The training is being offered by the Center for Deployment Psychology.

Staff are working with Fort Valley University (1890) vocational rehabilitation students as part of their internship requirements. AgrAbility in GA will offer two paid internships a year through a competitive application process. The students are in the application process now to start internships in the spring.

Staff welcomed eight new AgrAbility customers in the month of August, seven of whom were veterans. Many of the new customers are also new to farming. The staff have been busy connecting them to established farmers through a mentorship program. Staff are also busy collecting QOL data.

Submitted by Becky Brightwell