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October 2015

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Assistive Technology (AT) Emergency Solution: CARE Medical Health Bracelet

Assistive Technology (AT) Emergency Solution. Personal health is too important to allow mistakes. The CARE Medical Health Bracelet has a 2GB USB flash drive that a person can use to enter and download medical information. The bracelet allows one to carry their personal health information with them - like a list medications, medical history, insurance information, and emergency contacts. The CARE Medical Health Bracelet has an interlocking band, waterproof, and is latex free. Be Safe. Be Smart. Care. For more information visit, call 210.681.3840, or e-mail at

Commentary: Returning troops find opportunities in agriculture

" increasing number of veterans are pursuing careers in agriculture because they believe that working on the land helps them successfully transition to civilian life, gives them purpose, and enables them to continue serving their community and, often, other service members."

Veteran Farmers, In Their Own Voice

“Agriculture is not often the first thing people think of for returning veterans. That’s why we are elevating the discussion about veterans and agriculture.”  ~Secretary Vilsack


Vertical Farms: The Future of Agriculture?

"In this series, the hosts of The Good Stuff head to Green Sense Farms in Indiana to witness firsthand how the indoor farm works and to see if it’s really a feasible solution for growing the world’s food."

$300,000 in ag education grants

"DuPont Pioneer and the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) announced today that for the third year in a row, Pioneer will award $300,000 through grants totaling up to $5,000 to fund training and classroom resources that will help implement advanced agriculture curriculums."
Morning Ag Clips

Challenges Facing Beginning Farmers

"...the greatest challenge for agriculture today may be nurturing its fragile crop of beginning farmers." 

Minority winemakers look to change industry's stereotypes

"The image of the winemaker is an old white guy. To see that it's a black man, it takes people aback."

This ex-Black Panther started an urban farm to create jobs for ex-inmates

"Ray Kidd was incarcerated for violent crimes from the ages of 16 to 23. Both of his parents are currently in federal prison. Now, Kidd wants to break the cycle, and he’s doing it through farming."

Why immigration reform matters to agriculture

"Each farm worker—whether native-born or immigrant— supports between two and three full-time jobs in food processing, transportation, farm equipment and marketing retail."
Farm Futures

Ugly Produce Becomes a Life Line for Food Banks

"As food insecurity has increased in the U.S. in recent years, farm to food bank programs have been expanding around the country to recover hundreds of millions of surplus and so called "ugly" (misshapen but perfectly delicious and nutritious) produce for those in need."

How Community Gardens Connect Seniors to Fresh Food and to Their Pasts

"Community gardens in urban or low-income areas have been heralded as a way to increase the physical health of residents for whom fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t easily accessible. But non-profits like Miller’s are finding that when it comes to seniors, physical health benefits are just the beginning."
Civil Eats

Study confirms bats' value in combating crop pests

"The bat is on the hunt for insects, and according to new research, farmers have a billion reasons to be grateful for it."

Homeless People Planted A Massive Organic Garden To Provide Food For An Entire Shelter

"An innovative homeless shelter in Atlanta is home to a massive rooftop garden, but what makes this garden unique is that the residents of the shelter are the ones who planted it."
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