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November 2015

Other News

Grain storage and handling safety

"As this year’s grain harvest is coming to a close, farmers should remember to follow basic safety practices around grain storage facilities, no matter if that includes metal bins or flat storage of grain in a building or in an outside pile."

Meet the 'PHARM' Dogs Helping Disabled Farmers Run Their Land

"Farming can be tough work and even more challenging for those with disabilities, but now some are getting a hand thanks to some remarkable working dogs."
NBC Nightly News

Veterans turned farmers harvest help from agencies

"A partnership between the USDA and the Department of Defense has expanded to ensure service members know there are loans, grants, training and technical assistance for careers in agriculture."
The Washington Times

6 Food and Farming Success Stories From Native Communities

"Native American communities are connecting to their roots through food, farming, and education."
Civil Eats

Black Farmers' Lives Matter: Defending African-American Land and Agriculture in the Deep South

"Racism is still here in the marketplace and in credit, but we have learned to deal with it and not give up on changing the system. We struggle every day to bring about a change."
Toward Freedom

Former Ag Secretary talks women in agriculture

“Women are key to long-term global food security and they are critical at every part of the global food chain,” Veneman said.

Blind pig raised by blind girl wins big at fair

Madison Francis, a 10-year old from Texas, who has been in a wheelchair her whole life, stole the hearts of fairgoers this year when she showed her pig.
Las Cruces Sun-News

Deadliest Workplace: The Farm

"Nearly all U.S. workplaces are getting safer – except the family farm. Dangerous practices and equipment, amid lax rules, are driving up deaths."

On Farms Across the U.S., Refugees Are Going Back to Their Roots

"Refugees learn small-business skills and sustainable farming, resulting in an additional source of income and a small taste of home."

Ag lenders encourage business plan, partnerships

"Despite commodity price volatility and lower net profit projections, ag lenders surveyed continue to support farmers with a plan."

NSAC on new farmer announcements

“The new and improved USDA “New Farmer” website should win an award for accessible, user-friendly assistance from what has sometimes been a difficult to access bureaucratic minefield for those seeking help in getting started in agriculture."

Make a plan, tell your story, finance your farm

"Very few grants are available for beginning farmers, but those who are serious about finding resources will look for cost-share opportunities and mini-grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies such as Natural Resource Conservation Service and USDA Farm Service Agency."
Daily Journal

Do industrial agricultural methods actually yield more food per acre than organic ones?

"Sometimes it feels as if the divide between organic and industrial farming is too wide to bridge — but we’re almost certainly going to need the best of both for a future that makes sense."

"Common Market" Offers Innovative Solutions to Fresh Food Distribution Problems

"The third wave of innovation in urban ag is upon us, and it’s all about supply chain and distribution."

How to survive the good, bad and ugly realities of farming: escape

"Mr Shady has...made dramatic changes to his lifestyle and now wants to help reduce the rate of suicide amongst his peers."
ABC Rural

Teaching Kids to Be Safe on the Farm

"Keeping your children safe on a farm requires much more thought and effort than in a nonfarm home. "
Mother Earth News

Big data brings new rewards, new risks

"While farmers are eager to adopt these groundbreaking tools, they are not willing to simply hand over their sensitive business information – nor should they have to."

The End Of Organic Farming Might Be Sooner Than We Thought

"Sometimes, sustainable small farms are, well, unsustainable. And it’s not just Big Agra or a broken food system to blame: Sometimes, it’s the farmers themselves."

The Bad News About the Organic Industry

"A number of independent farmers have grown disillusioned since Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act, in 1990, establishing a uniform national standard for organic crops, livestock, processed products, and wild-harvested plants, to be enforced by the USDA."
modern farmer

How to Invest in America's Farmers

"This May, Google Ventures became a leading investor in a big data company called the Farmers Business Network. AgFunder matches institutional investors with agricultural startup companies, many of them on the technology side."
U.S. News & World Report

Community joins together to help a farmer in need

" It’s a job that would’ve taken at least a week to do, but after 10 hours and many helping hands, all 450 acres of Carl’s crops are now harvested."

P.H.A.R.M. Dogs Help Farmers Get Back to Work

"A Northeast Missouri farmer is getting a new lease on life with the help of a four-legged friend."