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December 2015

West Virginia

WV AgrAbility was represented by staff attending the 96th Annual WV Farm Bureau Statewide Meeting. An informational display included videos highlighting various agricultural assistive technologies as well as demonstrations of ergonomic gardening tools. The display, demonstrations, and videos, were provided on a continuing basis to all attendees. For additional information, click here.

WV AgrAbility continues to provide information and resources to WV farmers requesting assistance. During the month of November, WV AgrAbility staff conducted a farm site assessment and are working with the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services to secure funding for various needed agricultural modifications.

A student at the WV School for the Deaf and the Blind reached out for assistance from WV AgrAbility. Delilah Willis, a member of the FFA, was the first student from the WV School for the Deaf and the Blind to participate in the Hampshire County Fair by showing an animal. Delilah has a hearing impairment and is blind. She was able to show her pig by holding onto the pig's tail. She used a show cane with a marshmallow on the end to maneuver her pig around the ring. Delilah began planning and implementing the startup of her own agri-business by raising show pigs and selling the processed pork. WV AgrAbility is assisting in accessibility issues in general on the farm, and specific accessibility issues in feeding, vaccinating, and breeding the pigs. For a picture of Delilah showing her pig with the assistance of her father, click here.

The WV School for the Deaf and the Blind posted a YouTube video of Delilah talking about her pig at the Hampshire County Fair at the following URL. (or click here)

Submitted by Janet Della-Giustina