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January 2016

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PHARM Dog News

Check out this great interview on Show-Me Ag about PHARM Dog.
Show Me Ag- KMOSTV

The Rising Tide of Female Farmers

The number of women farmers, and women who own farms, has risen dramatically in the last four decades, spurring the  U.S. Department of Agriculture to look more closely at the whos, hows, and why of this possible demographic transition.
The Daily Yonder

Planting New Farmers for the Future of Food

"The proportion of farmers over 75 is rising, and one-fourth of all farmers plan to retire within 20 years. Who will grow America’s food?"
National Geographic

High-Five for NIFA-Funded Projects at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

"USDA’s  National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) administers a number of 1890 LGU education grant programs that support projects that strengthen teaching, research, Extension, and facility programs in the food and agricultural sciences."

USDA Safety Net Coverage in 2016

“The choice between ARC and PLC is completed and remains in effect through 2018, but producers must still enroll their farm by signing a contract each year to receive coverage,” said Dolcini.

Who's Keeping Organic Food Honest?

"An informal network among farmers may be more important than federal regulation in building trust in the organic industry — and it needs greater support."

The world wastes a shocking amount of food. This could change that

"Ugly is in. At least when it comes to what we eat."

Vegetables Under Glass: Greenhouses Could Bring Us Better Winter Produce

"It's easier and cheaper to ship vegetables across the country than to grow them in local greenhouses. ~ Lightfoot, though, is betting that the future of vegetables, starting with salad greens and fresh tomatoes, lies indoors."

Training farmers to do better business

"FamilyFarmed’s Wholesale Success training program is helping farmers thrive"

Carbon Farming Gets A Nod At Paris Climate Conference

"...for the first time, they've made the capture of carbon in soil a formal part of the global response to the climate crisis."

Agriculture jobs may be plentiful, but new grads are scarce

A report from Purdue University and the USDA projects about two open jobs for every qualified graduate.

Students benefit from Zoetis program

"The Zoetis Industry Support Program is returning for its eighth year and providing around $1.5 million in donations to selected FFA chapters and veterinary student scholarships."

New book helps NRCS go organic

"...the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the release of a new handbook aimed at helping Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) field staff work with organic and transitioning-to-organic producers."

Robotic Automation Meets Agriculture

"Testing Bonirob in carrot fields proved the robot to be over 90 percent effective at removing weeds and preserving crop plants."

America's Diverse Family Farms

"To better understand U.S. agriculture, USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) recently released America’s Diverse Family Farms."

15 Minutes with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

"The Secretary of Agriculture talks about funding for organic farming research, Cuba, and GMO labeling."
Civil Eats

Collaboration will help farmers access data

"DuPont Pioneer, Trimble enable wireless data transfer between programs"

A #HighFive for Farmers

"With the world’s population expected to grow to between 9 and 10 billion by 2050, some experts have estimated that to meet the growing demand for food, it will take as much innovation in agriculture in the next 40 years as in the preceding 10,000 years."
USDA Office of Communications

Care prevents silage avalanches

"Producers need to take care when creating and maintaining stored silage piles to not only ensure they produce quality feed but also to lessen the risk of injury or even death from suffocation caused by an accidental silage avalanche."

It's Like Uber, But for Farmers' Markets

"What if you could have a weekly box of locally grown produce, only you get to choose exactly what is in it."