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April 2016


9-yr-old Wyatt FussWyatt Fuss, an active nine-year-old boy was born with spinal cord tumors that are located between the C2 and C7 vertebrae inside his spinal cord. The benign tumors push against his spinal cord in an area that affects breathing and swallowing and exert pressure on his spinal cord, leaving Wyatt with significantly diminished feeling in his arms and hands. Michigan AgrAbility made both work practice recommendations as well as specific adaptive solutions to enable Wyatt to continue to do what he loves to do while doing it more safely. Learn more about Wyatt on the Michigan AgrAbility webpage (Blog).

March was a busy month for Michigan AgrAbility staff - they were especially busy spreading the word about AgrAbility services! Some highlights: 1) Staff and partner Michigan Farm Bureau spoke with several Michigan lawmakers at the Michigan capital about AgrAbility and the services they provide; 2) Presentations at Michigan Farm Women's Symposium, Health and Safety days sponsored by Michigan Farm Bureau and local businesses; 3) Attending several conferences with the AgrAbility display booth and brochures; 4) Contacting future partners; 5) And most importantly, providing services to Michigan Farmers!

Submitted by Deb Chester