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April 2016

Other News

USDA Helps Military Veterans Explore Agriculture as a Career

"...USDA is increasing its efforts to introduce agriculture as a career possibility to the 1,300 new veterans and their families who return to civilian life each day."

The disturbing lack of black organic farmers

"If organic farming is at the forefront of American agriculture, many Black farmers are still catching up."

'Going Green' Is Really 'Going Native': Western Apache Chef Nephi Craig

"Based in Arizona, NACA is a network of Native chefs — professionals and those just starting out — dedicated to the research, refinement, and development of Native American cuisine."
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Women Farmers Band Together To Vent, Seek Support And Exchange Ideas

"These women — "they understand that, 'Oh, you had three calves this morning and you didn't get your kids to school on time.' "
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NFU Beginning Farmer Institute Accepting Applications for 2016-17 Class

"National Farmers Union encourages new farmers, starting an operation of any size, to apply for the 2016-17 program class. Through sessions hosted in Washington D.C. and California, the program’s hands-on training emphasizes many of the challenges beginning farmers may face in their careers, such as business planning, access to capital, land acquisition, marketing, and more."
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Blind pole vaulter sets the bar high

"A Big Ten college athlete is pumped and ready to go for outdoor track season, even though she can't see the starting line."

General rallies farmers for renewables

 “You’re not just farmers. You’re in the national security business, and we need you out there on the front lines protecting America’s economic future.”

New Group GAP program announced

"We know that GAP certification can sometimes be cost-prohibitive for smaller farmers," said AMS Administrator Elanor Starmer. "GroupGAP allows these farmers to demonstrate compliance with strong food safety standards and share the cost of certification across a group of growers."

Producer grant funding to be announced

"There are two types of grants available, Planning Grants, which fund business plans and feasibility studies, and Working Capital Grants, which fund costs such as processing, marketing, supplies and labor. Now is the time to start planning your application."

How Urban Farmers Can Earn $75,000 on 15,000 Square Feet

"In his book, ‘Urban Farmer,’ Curtis Stone writes about how to build a successful farm on a quarter acre of land."
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Record growth in U.S. organic sector

“Organic food is one of the fasting growing segments of American agriculture,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

$90M for local, regional food systems

"USDA grant funding will help support specialty crop growers"

Strengthening local food supply chains

"'Food LINC' to boost farm sales, grow local foods sector in 10 selected regions"

Investigating the health benefits of berries

"In recent years studies have shown that blueberries can produce many health benefits, from preventing dementia, combating high blood pressure, to promoting better digestion."

USDA microloans realize your ideas

"At the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA), we believe starting or expanding a farm or ranch should never be out of reach, nor should it require buying thousands of acres of land, borrowing significant sums or committing to unreasonable interest rates."

Just in time for National Garden Month

"...the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) urged Americans of all ages to “Plant a Window Box for Pollinators” by using a new, free online tool available at the redesigned People’s Garden Initiative website."

Of Bison and Blue Cornmeal: USDA Supports Access to Traditional Foods in Native American Communities

"Bison and blue cornmeal have recently graced the tables of participants in USDA’s Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations...thanks to a commitment to identify and procure foods traditional to many tribes."

Forecasting a decline in farm income

"'The financial situation of the farm sector is currently in excellent shape,' Featherstone said, 'but farmers need to begin thinking about restructuring debt and adjusting crop insurance levels.'"

Using nanotechnology in agriculture

"Eleven universities receive grants to research nanotechnology solutions"

New toolkit assesses local food impacts

"Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled a new resource created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Colorado State University that will help communities and businesses evaluate the economic benefits of investing in local food systems."

We Farm Georgia

Excellent, inspiring videos of small farmers from many ethnic backgrounds farming in Georgia

USDA to help improve communities’ water

"NDRP is designed to help communities sustain and expand efforts to reduce their vulnerability to the impacts of drought."

Coccidiosis in sheep, goats & calves

"Medications that work in fighting intestinal worms will NOT kill coccidia. Therefore, recognizing coccidiosis and understanding how to manage livestock to prevent or minimize illness is important."

Growing organics? FSA can help

"For farmers and ranchers growing organics, the USDA Farm Service Agency offers several programs that can help."

NFU partners with Feeding America

"Food insecurity is a problem for millions of Americans across the country, and the National Farmers Union (NFU) has pledged to contribute to nationwide hunger relief through a renewed commitment to Feeding America’s Invest An Acre program."

Kimbal Musk is Changing the Food System One School Garden at a Time

"With his sustainable, locally sourced restaurant chain, the Kitchen, and his nonprofit, the Kitchen Community, Musk is making inroads into both local food systems and food education which he hopes can easily be replicated throughout the country and creates a new generation of farmers in the process."
Civil Eats

Antibiotic resistance takes center stage

"Through a science-based approach, we must all work together to better understand and address the potential impact of antibiotic resistance."

Online ag resources from Syngenta

"Syngenta has launched the Tools to Grow More agronomic resource for sugarbeets and enhanced the designs of the soybeans and wheat resource pages to give customers convenient, online access to the latest product and application information."

A soup kitchen disguised as a restaurant is making a big difference in Kansas City.

"The restaurant-style Kansas City Community Kitchen is a completely new way to feed those in need."

Food and farming’s role amid conflicts

"Improving food security can help build sustainable peace and even ward off looming conflict, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva told members of the United Nations Security Council."

EU supports country of origin labeling

"Mandatory labeling would help maintain consumer confidence in food products by making the food supply chain more transparent, they (Members of European Parliament) say."

To reduce inequality, focus on hunger

"Absolute levels of hunger and poverty are the most dramatic issues when it comes to addressing inequality,..."