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April 2016

West Virginia

Man viewing tool at WV training for minority and veteran farmersOn March 9th, WV AgrAbility participated in an all-day training for minority and veteran farmers at the National Guard Armory in Welch, WV. Twenty-two individuals attended the training that included sessions on mushroom production, aquaponics, hydroponics, cold storage, and AgrAbility. Attendees were encouraged to participate in the demonstration of various ergonomic gardening tools and provide feedback as to which tools they found the most comfortable to use. Many of the participants agreed on certain tools while others felt another tool was easier to use. This demonstration reinforced the ergonomic principal that there is not just one tool for the job, but that the tool must be individualized for the person using it and for the task to be completed.

West Virginia AgrAbility continues to provide information and resources to farmers requesting assistance. During the month of March, staff conducted three farm site assessments and are working with West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services on securing funding for the needed agricultural modifications. Additional advocacy was provided to a farmer in securing the needed funding for farm site modifications from West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation.

Submitted by Tiffany Salamone