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May 2016

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After The Battle, The Harvest: Programs Help Vets Move Into Farming

"So many years I've been in the world of destruction," (Tor Peery) says. "Being infantry and in the Marine Corps, I've destroyed so many things. I just want to create now."
npr - the salt

FSA reaching out to underserved farmers

"...(USDA) today announced cooperative agreements with 55 partners to educate farmers and other producers that have been underserved by USDA programs historically about Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs that provide financial, disaster or technical support."

Female enrollment skewed in agriculture majors

"While enrollment statistics show animal and dairy sciences is 82 percent female and agricultural leadership, education and communication is 71 percent female, 'women are underrepresented in almost every other agricultural major, especially the sciences and agricultural economics,' Kelsey said."

Latest Pharm Dog News

PHARM Dog USA was nominated by a PHARM Dog recipient's neighbor for an award from Home Shopping Network (HSN). HSN recognized a charity each day for the month of April. PHARM Dog USA was awarded $1000 for its programming needs.

PHARM Dog USA recipients Alda & Rick Owen and Director Jackie Allenbrand attended the NTW for the first time in three years at Fort Collins, CO.

PHARM Dog USA Director Jackie Allenbrand will be meeting May 6th with a veterans' group from Kansas City. Three separate veterans' groups have contacted the organization about possible partnerships with the dog program.

Submitted by Jackie Allenbrand

TPP would hurt small-scale farmers

"More than 50 development, religious and sustainable agriculture groups are demanding that Congress reject the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because of its potential impacts on small scale farmers and food production, especially those in developing countries."

Labor visa backlogs threaten 2016 crops

"Agency delays in processing visas for workers who tend and harvest America’s food crops are fast approaching crisis proportions, all but guaranteeing that crops will rot in the field on many farms this year, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said..."

Celebrating military service

"All current and former military service members are eligible to enter to win a Mahindra mPact® XTV 750S utility vehicle in camo."

Win a StockWeigh scale from Digi-Star

"The exhibitor whose picture receives the most Facebook votes by midnight, May 31, 2016, will be the winner (of)...his or her choice of an Alleyway or Wrangler Jr. Livestock scale and a StockWeigh 300 indicator.

Expand with value-added producer grants

"Program helps generate more income, create jobs for rural communities"

“Farmers’ Guide” helps with grant process

"NSAC guide helps producers apply for Value Added Producer Grants"

Veteran serves Escondido ag community

"After service in the U.S. Navy, that included deployment to Kuwait and Afghanistan, Commander Theresa Everest knew farming was her next step."

Herdfunding: how the internet is raising money for farms

"Instead of approaching banks, small, local farms are finding cash and loyal fans online"

Federal low interest financing program

"USDA FSA program expanded to help farmers reach local food markets"

9 reasons younger workers are at more risk in grain bins and confined spaces

"The statistics are clear. Younger workers are higher risk for farm accidents than some other age groups. It’s especially true in grain bin incidents..."

Regional “Farm Mom of the Year” Winners

"...Monsanto is proud to announce it has selected five fantastic women as its regional winners in its 2016 America’s Farmers Mom of the Year contest."

Extension keeps farmers on the farm

"According to a new study, an estimated 137,000 farmers would have left the fields in the past 25 years if it weren’t for these programs."

Farms face financial pressure

"American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall gives testimony"

Grants available for food safety training

"$4.7 million available for food safety education, training, technical assistance"

Revitalizing businesses across rural U.S.

"...Tom Vilsack today announced the launch of a new private investment fund with the potential to inject $100 million into small food and agriculture businesses across rural America."

New ‘Urban Agriculture Toolkit’ available

"Document helps urban & small farms navigate more than 70 resources"

Can digital farming deliver on its promise?

"As farmers face lowering commodity prices and squeezed farm margins, a plethora of startups are now attempting to persuade farmers they can deliver more value per acre."

Dupont newest investor of PrecisionHawk

"Both DuPont and PrecisionHawk recognize the opportunity for drone technology solutions in agriculture."

$1.2M for aquaculture research

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced more than $1.2 million in available funding to support the development of environmentally and economically sustainable aquaculture in the United States."

Proposed new organic standards promise more humane animal treatment

"Hens at organic farms will get to go outdoors and scratch in the dirt more often under new animal welfare standards proposed by the Obama administration..."
San Francisco Chronicle

Tap water and table salt may be safer and cheaper for milk production cleanup

"A safer option for cleaning milking systems on dairy farms may also decrease cleaning time and cost, according to a team of Penn State engineers."
Penn State News

Syngenta holds #RootedinAg contest

"The contest asks growers and other industry professionals to describe how their agricultural roots help their families and communities thrive."

Future of hemp farming in the U.S.

"Hemp movement makes landmark strides as Hemp History Week nears"

New fish virus threatens tilapia

"An international team of researchers has identified a new virus that attacks wild and farmed tilapia, an important source of inexpensive protein for the world’s food supply."

NFU “appalled” by latest GIPSA attack

"Today’s action is a direct assault on family farmers and ranchers in this country,” said National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson."

Food hubs connect communities, growers

"...consumers have a growing interest in learning more about where their food comes from and connecting with farmers and ranchers in their region."

Ball State students build prototype mobile greenhouse

"Ball State University students have completed the design and construction of what is being called the first non-toxic, fully automated, mobile greenhouse for organic urban farming."
The Star Press

Europe's Largest Urban Farm, 'Times Square of Urban Agriculture,' Opens in the Hague

"The recently completed UF002 De Schilde, a 12,916-square-foot greenhouse sitting atop a former Philips factory in The Hague...has the capacity to grow 45 tons of vegetables and raise 19 tons of fresh fish every year."

This Visionary is Helping Hospitals Take Food Seriously

"The pixie-sized woman, with a short crop of gray hair and funky glasses, runs Fresh Advantage, a consulting firm that helps hospitals and medical schools integrate improved food and nutrition programming into their approaches to healthcare."
Civil Eats

This German invention puts an actual mini farm at the end of your supermarket aisle

One German company has designed miniature farm units that are so small and self-contained, they can be installed at the end of a conventional supermarket aisle.
Science Alert

Attend World Pork Expo June 8-10

"Don’t miss out on the industry’s best education, networking and innovation at the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, with more than 310,000 square feet of exhibits showcasing products, services and technologies from around the world"