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December 2016

North Carolina

NC AgrAbility participated in the 5th annual Global Rehabilitation Enhanced with Assistive Technology (GREAT) Conference held on November 2 -4, 2016, in Asheville, NC. One of the conference highlights was the training in "Functional Ergonomics" by Frank Murray.

Also at the GREAT Conference, NC AgrAbility Partnership members Gloria Jinks and Shelby Kennerly with the NC Assistive Technology Program, along with Phil Protz and Steve Brink with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, presented "A Team Approach: AgrAbility, Vocational Rehabilitation, and NC Assistive Technology Program". The focus of the training was to update individuals and Vocational Rehabilitation staff on farm assessments and the process for working with farmers in North Carolina.

Beatriz Rodriguez, NC AgrAbility Partnership and Jessica Wilbiirn, NC Agromedicine Insitute at GREAT conferenceIn the GREAT conference exhibit hall, NC AgrAbility Partnership exhibitors Jessica Wilburn, with NC Agromedicine Institute, and Beatriz Rodriguez, with the NC AgrAbility Project reached out to potential future farmers and networked with rehabilitation specialists and other resource providers.

Submitted by Beatriz Rodriguez