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December 2016


TN AgrAbility AgRUNAbility 5k/2-mile WALKThere was a different twist to the 2016 Tennessee AgrAbility AgRUNAbility 5k/2-mile WALK this year - it was only for UT TSU Extension staff across the state. The RUN/WALK began on Friday, September 16, and ended on National AgrAbility Day, September 19. Each participant could choose the day they wanted to run/walk and turn in their time. It was on their own time. There were 85 registered and 72 competed. Monetary prizes were given to the first three winners in each division, and men and women competed against each other. Many interesting stories and pictures were shared.

Walker's Story: A Henderson County consumer & family sciences agent had a bunion on the inside of her big toe and was awaiting surgery in November. She said "I'm determined to walk as much as I can until surgery time. So, I continue to do my daily walks and then I use ice packs at night on my toe!!!! I'm NOT going to let this stop me until time for the surgery!" She completed the 2 mile walk in 23:55. Pretty good time for someone with a bunion.

The RUN/WALK sponsors: Green Plains; Tennessee COOP; The Andersons, Inc; Southern Printing and Graphics; UT TSU Lifestyles; and Tennessee AgrAbility

House on fire in TNDevastating fires spread across the Smoky Mountain area and tornadoes hit East TN. All AgrAbility staff members are fine. It was heartbreaking news and will take years to regrow trees lost and much time to rebuild. TN folks are strong and have big hearts! There is a reason Tennessee is called the VOLUNTEER state. Thank you to everyone that called and sent messages to check on TAP staff.

TAP Staff attended the annual TAAA&S (TN Association of Agricultural Agents and Specialists) meeting. They toured the Seven Springs Farm to Table in Union County, TN. The operation is a multigenerational diversified farm business. Tours included the winery and vineyard, beef operation, farm store, and a custom CSA. One of the owners is a farmer veteran who has written a lot of grants and is working put TN on the map for winemaking.

TN New Farmer Academy brochure 1TN New Farmer Academy brochure 2Other activities in which TN AgrAbility participated were: the Gibson County Master Beef; Dickson Co. Beef Field Day; Weakley County Ag Day for 4th graders (helmet demonstration); three-day safety expo for Calloway County; Murray Middle and High School students (disability awareness); UTIA Annual Ag Day; Northeast Beef Expo in Greenville; Fairs; hosted Progressive Ag Safety Days; Tennessee New Farmer Academy finished 2nd session of classes with 37 graduates (started registration for 3rd session); and The Considerations of Beginning Farmers Education workshops with two successful workshops. The next one is scheduled for January.

TAP celebrated National Rural Health Day and the Power of Rural at the Rural Health Association of Tennessee, Inc. Conference. TN AgrAbility presented with ag nurse Dr. Deborah Reed, "Creative Approaches to Improve the Health of Farmers and Their Families in Tennessee". Information was provided on the health and work environment of aging farmers; strategies were discussed to assess risk and to restructure behavior and work. A novel intervention, "farm theater" to guide health and safety of aging farmers, was described. Resources to help beginning farmers, farmer veterans, and farmers with disabilities were shared.

Submitted by Joetta Turbeville White