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September 2017


USDA staff with Sara and EsmeDr. Steven Thomson and Clyde Ellis from USDA NIFA visited UC Davis. They conducted a presentation on USDA funding opportunities and new programs that was well attended by students, faculty, and AgrAbility staff, at the biological and agricultural engineering department. PI's, staff, and students, were able to ask questions about funding in the coming years and the process of applying for new grants. CalAgrAbility staff met and welcomed Dr. Thomson and Ellis.

CalAgrAbility staff participated in the rural health chat on Twitter. Representatives from RHIhub, AgriSafe, AgSafety4U, AgriSafetyNetwork, USDA/NIFA, MHPSalud, NIOSH, and NFUDC co-hosted the event. Information was shared to emphasize the challenges and concerns for farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers, along with an abundance of resources to help conquer these obstacles.

Agricultural Worker Day in Greenfield, CACalAgrAbility staffed the annual Agricultural Worker Day in Greenfield, CA. The event brought 800 agricultural working families together. This event was created to bring community resources to farmworkers from the Salinas Valley, which has earned the nickname "Salad Bowl of America." CalAgrAbility's booth was well attended and workers were engaged with resources presented to them.

CalAgrAbility staff participated in the all-staff call. Aida Balsano from USDA-NIFA provided an update, and Donya Lester presented on federal funding and advocacy guidelines for nonprofit representatives. NAP and Goodwill addressed sustainability initiatives for AgrAbility and encouraged call participants to attend Farm Bill listening sessions.

Submitted by Sara Wat