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December 2017


Join AgrAbility in Georgia for a series of innovative and informative workshops taught by Dr. Therese Willkomm. Webinars are free but require registration. Please plan on joining us!

  1. 1/9/18 3:30 - 5 p.m. Conducting an Agriculture Worksite Assessment
    Tools, Techniques, and Resources -- This webinar will focus on how to prepare for the onsite assessment; what questions to ask; how to complete an assistive technology in worksite pre-screening to help prepare for the visit; tools to pack for measuring and determining angles, forces, sound, distance, task completion times, and the physical, sensory, and cognitive ability required to complete the task. Next will be a discussion on how to take the pre-screening form to develop a focused task analysis on the mismatch areas identified; what additional information is needed; innovative ways to provide this information; and how to film through the eyes of the farmer verses the eyes of the observer. The actual farm visit day and activity consultation activities will also be discussed, starting with trial and error; device exploration demonstrations, loans, and reuse; recording what did and did not work; apps for collecting data; and recommendations for improvements or additional assistive technologies needed. The final discussion will revolve around how to write up the report to obtained needed funding for recommended devices.
  2. 2/5/18 3:30 - 5 p.m. iPad apps and Adaptations for Farmers with Disabilities
    Every year there are new iPads, phones, apps, accessories, and a new IOS. This webinar will discuss the latest apps and adaptations that can be used to support farmers with disabilities including:
    a) apps for auto-scan and read
    b) apps to measure
    c) amplification apps
    d) auto phone answering for farmers who experience limited grasping
    e) apps for mobility impairments
    f) apps for reminding and organization
    g) creating and using custom vibration and auditor mapping
    h) magnification apps
    i) adaptations for the stylus
    j) holding, mounting, and body worn carrying devices
    k) decibel apps
    l) the use of voice assistants and IFTTT recipes on the farm.
  3. 3/5/18 3:30 - 5 p.m. Ordinary Items/Extraordinary Solutions
    This webinar will discuss and demonstrate how ordinary items on the farm can create extraordinary solutions to support farmers with disabilities.

AgrAbility in conjunction with UGA's Farm Again program is offering a series of innovative workshops in 2018. The workshops are geared to help beginning farmers to gain critical skills. There will be workshops on everything from learning to drive a tractor to how to be successful at the farmers market. Links to all workshops can be found at

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