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January 2018

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Together, we'll overcome the opioid epidemic

"The opioid crisis has struck farm and ranch families much harder than the rest of rural America. Farm towns will overcome this epidemic through strong farmer-to-farmer support and the resilience of our communities.
FarmTownStrong (Contributed by Abbie Spackman, AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians)

Tax bill: Benefits and concerns for ag

“The core of this bill is a 21% flat rate for C corporations,” said Doug Claussen, Principal and CPA with K·Coe Isom. “Most farm businesses are not structured as C corps and won’t benefit from this rate unless they restructure."

How can conservation easements help you?

"NRCS offers easement programs to landowners who want to maintain or enhance their land in a way beneficial to agriculture and/or the environment."
Farm and Dairy

New ARS website enhances access to information

"Visiting the site, one can learn the stories of ARS’s role in mass-producing penicillin; in developing new crops like seedless grapes, carrots, watermelon, and tomatoes; in preventing foodborne pathogens; in developing low-fat cheese; and about countless other ARS discoveries."

Wireless Farm Data Networks using Wi-Fi

"The first thing that the ... system allows you to do is have Wi-Fi outside the house – first into the immediate farmyard, then into your outbuildings, and across your fields."
Ayrstone Productivity

Students raise cattle, veggies for school lunches

"It’s all part of a new project called School to Table — a kind of academic spin on the farm-to-table movement, which promotes eating food grown by local farmers. But in this program, the kids are the farmers and the school is the farm."

More airborne hazards on the farm

"Last week’s Farming 101 covered dangerous gases that farmers can be exposed to. This week, we continue airborne hazards with mold, dust, chemicals, pesticides and fumes."
Farm and Dairy

6 questions to ask when managing weeds

"A long-term weed management program should focus on controlling the seed bank"

A farmer’s guide to planning for retirement

"While farmers are often reminded to plan for the succession of their farm, they may be less likely to think about their own retirement."
Farm and Dairy

A peanut a day keeps the cardiologist away?

"A new study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology points to the extraordinary health benefits of regularly eating peanuts and tree nuts. Participants who consumed peanuts two or more times a week had a 15% lower risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) than those who never or almost never consumed peanuts."