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March 2018

Other News

New USDA webpage addresses opioid crisis

"Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett today unveiled a new webpage featuring resources to help rural communities respond to the opioid crisis."

Addressing suicide risk for dairy farmers

"According to a 2016 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report , people working in farming, fishing and forestry had the highest rate of suicide. "

American Agri-Women offers scholarships

"These two scholarships are available to any farm, ranch, or agribusiness woman or her daughter to pursue accredited courses in agriculture leadership, communications, rural sociology, medicine, or any other courses directly related to agriculture."

As Milk Prices Decline, Worries About Dairy Farmer Suicides Rise

"As the nation's dairy farmers struggle through their fourth year of depressed milk prices, concerns are rising that many are becoming depressed themselves."
NPR (Submitted by Abbie Spackman, AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians)

Saving for the future: Financial tips for young farmers

“The first step was finding the biggest barrier keeping young farmers from getting established,” Carter said. “We found that it was access to capital — getting a loan to get started."

A new checklist to keep farm kids safe

“Protecting our children on farms needs to be a priority. A youth dies in an agricultural incident about every three days in the United States,..."

Vegetable farmers depend on Mexican workers

"The future of farming depends upon a program that allows Mexican seasonal workers to come here and return when the job is done, local farmers say."

Group hails Precision Ag Connectivity Act

"Act aims to facilitate deployment of broadband internet across rural America"

Ag & Rural Prosperity Task Force report

"The Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity identified over 100 actions for the federal government to consider in order to achieve a vision of a better rural America."

Genius Company Installs Beehives In Your Living Room, And Here’s How It Works

"BEEcosystem has created a system of wall-mounted observation hives, that can be easily expanded in a hexagonal, honeycomb style, and even lets you invite the bees into your living room."