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April 2018


Those who participated in the recent NTW may have spoken to one of the AgrAbility Virginia team members about a new National Science Foundation (NSF) grant they are collaborating on. AgrAbility Virginia displayed a poster and shared handouts and a hard copy of a survey they are conducting. The project is titled, "Affordable Flexible Robotic Technology to Enhance Work Performance of Farmers with Mobility Restrictions."

AgrAbility Virginia is working alongside engineers, medical professionals, and TORC Robotics to co-develop flexible robotic systems (also known as exoskeletons) that are wearable by farmers with mobility limitations to assist them in performing activities of daily living with dignity and success. Exoskeletons are wearable, external structures that augment/assist the strength and performance of the wearer by providing assistive joint moments and/or structural supports. On March 27, a copy of the survey was sent out to all AgrAbility colleagues. Your input will help AgrAbility Virginia design exoskeletons that are grounded in the real needs and requirements of farmers and farm workers. Thanks for your participation!

Submitted by Kirk Ballin