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May 2018


AgrAbility of Wisconsin freshman engineering studentsAgrAbility of Wisconsin's freshman engineering projects, all designed to assist farmers with disabilities, have come to an end. Three freshman student engineering teams at UW-Madison were tasked with designing a prototype tractor lift, an attachment for a calf catcher to an Action Trackchair, and a grain elevator for a farmer with one arm. The students gained real-world experiences while working with AgrAbility of Wisconsin clients and staff to determine the safest, most economical options that would work best for each client and their operation.

This month, AgrAbility of Wisconsin's outreach specialist, Abi Jensen, participated in a webinar series hosted by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. Abi had the opportunity to talk about the AgrAbility of Wisconsin program, common disabilities and limitations on the farm, and potential assistive technologies to help make the workload easier.

Submitted by Emily Matzke