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June 2018

National AgrAbility Project

The Senate Agriculture Committee recently passed its version of the Farm Bill with AgrAbility included. It should be voted on by the full Senate soon. However, there are several other steps before a new Farm Bill becomes law.

The House version of the Farm Bill was defeated, but the House leadership is hoping to vote again in July. Once the Senate and House versions are passed by their respective bodies, they will go to a conference committee, composed of members of the House and Senate, to resolve differences in the bills and produce a version that both bodies can (hopefully) pass.

If the agreed-upon Farm Bill is passed by both the House and Senate, it would go to the president for signature to become law or for his veto. The president has indicated a commitment to work requirements for SNAP programs, and the Senate version of the Farm Bill does not include such work requirements.

Submitted by Paul Jones

Dr. Shawn Ehlers, ATP, and Steve Swain, ATP, conducted a webinar for RESNA titled: "New and Improved Methods of Accessing Large Off-Road Machinery." The webinar will be archived by RESNA and will be offered as a method of earning CEUs for accreditation for the ATP certification. It will also be offered in the future as a National AgrAbility webinar.

Submitted by Steve Swain