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August 2018


Georgia AgrAbility staff attended the Athens Area: Hoop Houses, Tools, Wholesale, and Solar workshop hosted by Global Growers July 12. Staff was able to take a Georgia AgrAbility client to the event so that he could learn more about how to grow vegetables in a hoop house and how to use solar panels as an energy source for his farm. Workshop speakers included guests from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) as well as the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. Attendees of the workshop left with more knowledge about infrastructure and food safety on the farm.

Lietuenant Colonel Oliver North and Chris DorseyGeorgia AgrAbility Veteran Relations Coordinator Chris Dorsey met with retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North on July 14. Over dinner, staff was able to inform Colonel North about AgrAbility and the projects that we are working on with veteran farmers.

Winterville Worm WorkshopStaff attended the Winterville Worm Workshop July 16. Hand holding wormsStaff was able to take a Georgia AgrAbility client to the event so that they could learn more about how to raise worms to make castings which will then be applied to organic practices when growing fruits and vegetables. Attendees of the workshop were able to take home one thousand red wiggler worms so that they can then begin their own vermicompost.

Submitted by Rebecca Brightwell