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August 2018

Other News

Safety first

"We need to take safety more seriously in agriculture."
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New dairy insurance plan available nationwide

"New dairy insurance plan protects against unexpected declines in quarterly milk sales"
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Rural communities encouraged to apply for loans

"Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett today announced a historic commitment by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to upgrade and rebuild rural water infrastructure."
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SARE releases Farmers’ Guide to Business Structures

"Choosing an appropriate business structure encourages you to follow good business practices in accounting and decision-making, and it protects your personal assets should your farm get into financial trouble. SARE’s newest book, Farmers’ Guide to Business Structures, provides practical tools to help you choose the best business entity for your operation."
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A Boston hospital promotes patient health with its own rooftop farm

"What was once a flat, black roof provides prime real estate for roughly 25 varieties of fruits and vegetables that feed hospital patients, visitors and employees."
Public Radio International - Health & Medicine

$2B supports producers affected by disasters

"Producers affected by hurricanes & wildfires in 2017 now may apply for assistance"
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Benefits of harvesting non-timber forest products

“Many private landowners harvest nontimber products to generate income from their forests,” said Forest Service Interim Chief Vicki Christiansen. “The harvest of specialty products like medicinal herbs, wild onions, and mushrooms creates jobs, boosts rural economies, and meets growing market demands.”
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Goats: The Surprising Solution to Saving a Country From Wildfires

"...drought-susceptible regions of the US, such as San Francisco and Arizona, have been using goats as wildfire prevention for over a decade."
Good News Network

New test can determine nitrogen levels in soil

"Using STBA, corn growers now have a preseason test that can more accurately determine the proper amount of nitrogen to apply for economically optimum yield."
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Waylon’s $10,000 Pig

"Again, I was speechless; what do you say to a 15-year old young man who is dedicating himself to the well being of others?"
Beat Nb (neuroblastoma)