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September 2018

North Carolina

NC AgrAbility peer farmer luncheonNC Agromedicine Institute and NC AgrAbility organized the NC AgrAbility Peer Farmer Luncheon on August 22 in Statesville, NC. The activity provided a friendly environment for farmers to share with family and friends who, at the same time, learned about peer support groups. The information was provided by Keith Greenarch from The Adaptables CIL. Partners at NC Assistive Technology also attended the luncheon.

NC AgrAbility at Specialty Crops Production workshopNC AgrAbility attended the Specialty Crops Production Workshop on August 29 - 30, in Boone, NC, and also exhibited the NC AgrAbility display. This event provided training on production and marketing of specialty crops to a core group of individuals who represent county Extension agents and other natural resources outreach educators in North Carolina, engaged state and federal agencies involved in land management issues, and facilitated collaboration among Extension, outreach, and research personnel from diverse disciplines and institutions.

Submitted by Beatriz (Betty) Rodriguez