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March 2019


On Saturday, February 2, Alaska AgrAbility staff attended the Southcentral Foundation's (Alaska Native Corporation) annual event titled "The Gathering" where many organizations, mostly highlighting health, were in attendance for a fair and presentations for outreach to primarily Alaska native tribe participants. AgrAbility information was provided at a vendor booth. This statewide event is heavily attended each year.

During the period of February 11-14, 2019, staff attended the Alaska Forum on the Environment (AFE) and provided information and outreach materials. This is a statewide event with approx. 500 attendees. Participants were excited to hear that Alaska had a new program for individuals with disabilities involved with sustainable practices. This annual event is attended heavily by agency, tribal, and private citizens interested in environmental practices and sustainability.

Alaska AgrAbility staff attended the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC) and had a booth where AgrAbility outreach was done. In addition to municipal employees in attendance, there were researchers from other states. Collaborations regarding growing and technical training for the project were discussed.

DeShana York attended two traumatic brain injury support group meetings in conjunction with Alaska's nonprofit partner, Access Alaska, and talked to participants about AgrAbility. Horticultural therapy is an interest amongst participants, and training is being researched.

Submitted by DeShana York