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March 2019


AgrAbility Unlimited IL is looking forward to and actively preparing for the National Training Workshop in Lincoln, NE. The staff members are happy to share that one of their previous clients, Brad Colvis, has been selected to attend the conference and will have the opportunity to experience the educational and networking opportunities taking place as a continued service from the National AgrAbility Program.

Kelly GagnonKelly Gagnon, AgrAbility IL's communications coordinator, will be presenting multiple times throughout the conference to share her marketing expertise with other programs. One special presentation, created with Kendra Martin of AgrAbility PA and Sarah Lake of AgrAbility Nebraska, is designed to help other state programs improve the effectiveness of their storytelling so that they can share past client stories to gain more support for their state program. This form of storytelling marketing also helps state programs share the real-life effects AgrAbility services have on farmers with disabilities.

Submitted by Kelly Gagnon