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May 2019


Missouri AgrAbility staff at MU Extension participated in the Show Me Mizzou Day, Saturday, April 13, 2019, in Columbia, Missouri. Participants explored Missouri's flagship university through more than 100 events for people of all ages. Missouri AgrAbility showcased hands-on interactive agriculture-related health, safety, and wellness displays that demonstrated simple yet cost effective ways to prevent secondary injuries by using ergonomic tools and proper body mechanics, respiratory masks, hearing protection, and hand and feet protection.

Carey Portell, MO AgrAbility ambassador, sharing at Midwest Grow FarmHer TourCarey Portell sharing for AgrAbility at Grow FarmHerCarey Portell, Missouri AgrAbility ambassador and national speaker, shared her motivational story at the Midwest FarmHer Grow Tour, April 2-5, 2019, in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Carey inspired, educated, and empowered young women ages 16-22 who are excited about their future in agriculture. The daylong events gave the opportunity for young women to connect with peers, listen to dynamic speakers, meet industry leaders and learn about AgrAbility.

Karen Funkenbusch from MU Extension also participated in the Fourth Annual Rural Medicine Lecture Series, Rural Track Pipeline Program for the final lecture of this four-part series: "Unique Primary Care as a Rural Provider." A panel of Missouri rural physicians shared their experience about unique primary care as a rural provider. Medical students, residents, and undergraduate Bryant Scholars learned firsthand how rural physicians treat farm equipment accidents, pesticide poisoning, disparities rural communities face, referring farmers, and working with Missouri AgrAbility.

Missouri AgrAbility faculty traveled to Versailles, Missouri, and spent two days in the field conducting round-table discussions, learning circles, and walk-abouts with the Mennonite community. MU Extension will use the information gathered to lay the groundwork for future Missouri AgrAbility programs to meet the communities' stated disability, safety, health, wellness, and agriculture-related needs.

Karen Funkenbusch presented "Identifying, Selecting, and Placing Safe Assistive Technologies in the Agricultural Workplace" to fifteen occupational and physical therapists. Karen also handed out Missouri AgrAbility marketing materials and shared ways in which occupational and physical therapists at the University of Missouri Health Sciences Center could work with Missouri AgrAbility during the outpatient rehabilitation process. In addition, she shared information about Missouri's fee-for-service agreement with Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Missouri AgrAbility farmers and ranchers are going to participate in a cohort study conducted by Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. The goals of the study are to better understand the needs of people living with long-term physical disabilities and to use information about user needs to improve community-based services.

Submitted by Karen Funkenbusch

Karen Funkenbusch (L), Carey Portell (2nd L) and MO AgrAbility staff at Grow FarmHerMissouri AgrAbility started April by celebrating National Public Health Week. It continued to highlight its Barn Builders as well as collaborative staff members from the Innovative Small Farmers' Outreach Program at Lincoln University Cooperative Extension. Additionally, staff had a chance to catch up with Missouri's Barn Builder and national speaker, Carey Portell, during the FarmHer Grow Tour in Missouri.

Submitted by Tevin Uthlaut

David Middleton sharing with conservative Mennonite farmersConservative Mennnonites at the Hermitage farmer/rancher meeting with Shon Bishop and David MiddletonLincoln University's Innovative Small Farmer's Outreach Program (ISFOP) was invited to present during the monthly farmer/rancher meeting held in Hermitage, Missouri on April 11, 2019. Mr. David Middleton, ISFOP Farm Outreach Worker (FOW) in Southwest Missouri and Mr. Nahshon Bishop, ISFOP Small Farm Specialist in Southwest Missouri presented on cost-effective technologies available to small farmers which include:

Submitted by Shon Bishop

Missouri AgrAbility exhibited at the Missouri Assistive Technology PowerUp Conference with Maureen Cunningham of the Brain Injury Association of Missouri. Advocates of various disabilities and professionals who provide care became aware of MAP through conversations and distribution of material. The AT PowerUp Conference was April 1 and April 2, 2019, in Columbia, Missouri.

Survivors of brain injury, family members, and care providers learned about Missouri AgrAbility at the BIA-MO Survivor & Family Seminar in Kansas City, Missouri, on April 13, 2019. Nearly 100 individuals became aware of MAP during the welcome at the beginning of the program, signage throughout the day, and printed material distributed to the seminar visitors.

Missouri AgrAbility-sponsored Brain Injury Fact of the Day media campaign postings on the Missouri MorningAg showed positive results and a good to above-average rate of return. The Brain Injury Fact of the Day posting had about 215,000 sends and 56,000 views. Of these, 448 clicks recorded from the Missouri MorningAg emails as individuals visited the BIA-MO website to learn more about the Brain Injury Fact of the Day. Additional data will be forthcoming from electronic advertisement banners used on various websites.

Submitted by Maureen Cunningham