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May 2019

Other News

Beeping Easter eggs let visually impaired children participate in the hunt

"Looking for brightly colored Easter eggs is a tradition for some children. But what happens when you can’t see the eggs?...You listen for them."
The Orange County Register

Impact of rural economy on farmer mental health

"A strong majority of farmers and farmworkers say financial issues, farm or business problems and fear of losing the farm impact farmers’ mental health, according to a new national Morning Consult research poll."
Morning Ag Clips

Cows 2 Career Conference to engage youth

"The dairy industry has many incredible job opportunities for young people"
Morning Ag Clips

Federal funds available for organic certification

"USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced that organic producers and handlers can apply for federal funds to assist with the cost of receiving and maintaining organic certification through the Organic Certification Cost Share Program (OCCSP)."
Morning Ag Clips

New decision tool for Dairy Margin Coverage

"Tool helps dairy producers evaluate various scenarios using different coverage levels"
Morning Ag Clips

Add a safety focus to your spring planting season

"Likelihood of preventable incidents increases during spring planting season"
Morning Ag Clips

What's new: 2018 Farm Bill

See what's NEW in the 2018 Farm Bill from the FSA, NRCS, and RMA by clicking on the following links:
What's New: FSA and the 2018 Farm Bill
What’s New: Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the 2018 Farm Bill
What’s New: Risk Management Agency (RMA) and the 2018 Farm Bill

Average age of farmers continues to rise

Content"New census reveals threat to the future of ag as average age of farmers continues to rise"
Morning Ag Clips


This cooler designed for cattle vaccinations keeps vaccines cool and out of sunlight. The box comes with a specially designed tray that helps eliminate cross contamination of your vaccine by keeping them individually organized in each row. (Submitted by Makenzie McLaurin Thomas, TX AgrAbility)

Forest Service develops wood tornado shelter

"Tornado shelter made of wood provides powerful protection at an affordable cost"
Morning Ag Clips

Tree-Planting Drones Have Successfully Planted Thousands of Saplings – and They’re About to Plant More

"The drones have been shown to plant trees exponentially faster than locals being forced to plant them by hand, and the method is far cheaper than traditional planting methods."
Good News Network