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June 2019

Other News

Stoic, resourceful - and at risk for suicide

"UGA study identifies factors associated with farmer suicide"
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New benefits available for military veteran farmers

"New crop insurance benefits are available to military veteran farmers and ranchers"
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Aid announced for farmers impacted by tariffs

"USDA announces support for farmers impacted by unjustified retaliation & trade disruption"
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New Dairy Margin Coverage signup begins

"The program provides coverage retroactive to January 1, 2019"
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Late planting with sorghum provides opportunity

"As wet conditions persist for many farmers, grain sorghum may offer a chance at planting"
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Training the next generation of farmers & ranchers

"...they will deliver a professionally designed experiential curriculum to teach beginning farmers and ranchers how to lease, purchase and receive land through inheritance or gift, along with find and assess land, and the basic financial skills needed to make informed land access decisions."
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When Colorblindness Almost Cost This Student Her Career, Her Classmates Rallied to Help

"Savannah Allen has always been aware that she suffers from colorblindness – but when she was recently told that her impairment could keep her from achieving her dreams, she was devastated."
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Atlanta is Transforming an Abandoned Plot of Land into the Largest Public Food Forest in the US

"As a means of ending hunger and providing healthy food to all its citizens, the city of Atlanta is creating the largest public food forest in the United States."
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An entire school started learning sign language to welcome a deaf kindergartener

"Morey Belanger, a 6-year-old kindergartener, is the school's first deaf student. To make her feel welcome, the school embraced the opportunity to teach all the students some sign language."

Above and beyond: Sunnyvale officers rebuild wheelchair ramp for elderly couple

"The five had been called out to help an elderly couple, after the husband had a fall in his backyard. And when they left, one of the officer’s foot got stuck in the ramp, which was full of dry rot."