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January 2020


GA AgrAbility booth at GA Farm Bureau Annual ConferenceDecember 8-9, Georgia AgrAbility staff attended the 82nd Annual Georgia Farm Bureau Annual Conference hosted in Jekyll Island, Georgia. The conference was a great way for farmers to come together to celebrate achievements and to discuss the state's largest economic sector: agriculture. Georgia AgrAbility was an exhibitor at the conference and had the opportunity to network with farmers, policy makers, and professionals, all while telling them about the Georgia AgrAbility program. Referrals were made from this conference, and staff members are looking forward to continuing meaningful conversations long after the conference.

Georgia AgrAbility staff member and engineer Kyle Haney recently received training on using 3D printers at the University of Georgia's Makerspace so that staff can print assistive technology for their clients at no cost. A 3D printer has the capability of taking a design file and printing that file out. It accomplishes this by the printer heating up plastic filament and applying the plastic in very thin layers in the shape of the design. The printer builds up the print one layer at a time until the 3D part is finished. They now have 3D printers that can print in wood and metal as well as plastic. This knowledge and use of 3D printers will continue to be beneficial as GA AgrAbility serves its farmers.

Submitted by Rebecca Brightwell