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January 2020


Kansas AgrAbility staff participated in a two-day training session with Assistive Technology for Kansans. Activities included a demonstration by Orcam's MyEye, wearable assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired that conveys visual information audibly. It reads text, recognizes faces, and can even identify products. Other training topics included KAP staff sharing with other AT Specialists, information on AT equipment loan systems, and updates on Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Kansas.

KAP will be participating the Women Managing the Farm conference on February 13-14, which provides a supportive setting in which women can develop the skills, resources, and knowledge needed for success in a competitive agricultural environment. This event brings together women farmers, rural business leaders and landowners. KAP will be presenting sessions that include "Aching Joints and Arthritis Don't Have to Hold You Back" and "Mobile Technology and Health Management."

Submitted by Tawnie Larson