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March 2020


Farmer Veteran Coalition of TN stakeholdersThank you to Michael O'Gorman for comint to TN!The 2020 Pick TN Conference was the site for the Farmer Veteran Coalition of TN chapter formation stakeholders meeting. TN AgrAbility was placed on the advisory board to help increase the growing number of disabled veterans who wish to start or return to careers in the agriculture sector. Staff are helping farmers with disabilities farm and veterans heal from the wounds of war.

TNAP staff attended the rural health and safety Progressive Ag Safety Day training. Progressive Agriculture Safety Day's primary focus was on farm safety for the last 25 years but is now turning attention to the overall health of children living in rural and agricultural communities. TNAP learned about youth mental well-being and stress management with focus on hands-on activities tailored to help children understand stress and their emotions, learn positive coping strategies to deal with stressors, and provide resources to go home to the families to encourage open conversations and to break the stigma surrounding mental health. TNAP staff met Dr. Josie Rudolphi, who is with Illinois AgrAbility, and look forward to attending her session at the NTW. Check out the special RFD-TV interview with Dr. Josie Rudolphi and Brian J. Kuhl on mental health and stress and how Progressive Agriculture Safety Days is tackling this issue at their events. See: For further information or to host a safety day, click here.

TNAP met with Wayne County Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and an agricultural producer. The TNAP client was denied in 2019 but, as a result of TNAP presenting at the VR Regional meeting in November, the counselor wanted to reopen his case since they had a better understanding of agriculture and the AgrAbility program. Result: he is eligible for VR services and is awaiting approval for AT equipment and hearing aids.

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