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April 2020


Kyle on the computerIn the new way of doing business, staff are learning all of the benefits of virtual interaction. As part of the FarmAgain/AgrAbility Project, staff normally are in the field meeting with farmers. Mason virtualNow they are using Zoom and Facetime to interact on a regular basis. While it has been a learning curve for most, they have been able to embrace the change to keep their farmers moving forward.

Jiffy Hitch on back of tractorAt the beginning of March, Georgia AgrAbility had two farmers in North Georgia receive Jiffy Hitch PTO hitches on their tractors. One of the farmers had the 3-point system while the other farmer received the new tongue pull system. Both farmers are extremely happy and said they are so excited not to have to wait for someone to connect the implements for them. Vocational Rehab in Georgia paid for the entire cost of the systems. Fred and Linde Farnsworth with Jiffy Hitch have an awesome product and are great to work with.

Submitted by Rebecca Brightwell