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May 2020

AgrAbility for Africa

The staff of AgrAbility for Africa linked up with Mrs. Carolyne Maholo of CBR Africa Network (CAN)- to enhance the organization's publicity and awareness campaign for the AgrAbility in Africa project. CBR Africa Network (CAN) is an organization that works to promote information sharing on CBR/disability activities in Africa. AgrAbility for Africa intends to use the CBR Africa Network's platform and connections to enhance its awareness campaign of the organization's vocational rehabilitation support programs and services to farmers faced with disabilities across Africa

Karamajong - herding cattleAgrAbility for Africa staff in partnership with Scientific Animations without Borders (SAWBO) are working on increasing awareness and safety information about COVID -19 to rural Emily Ayen, "Miss Karamoja" in centerfarmers in Uganda through localizing COVID-19 safety information. This sample animation video is reproduced with a voice-over by Ms. Emily Ayen, reigning "Miss Karamoja" (center in photo), into the Karamojong language, a dialect spoken in Northern Uganda. To watch the video, click here.

Agro-pastoral herders resembling Maasai pastoralistsThe video has been converted into a mobile file format for easy distribution because of the mobile phone penetration in rural regions of Africa; the mobile format increases its accessibility by the agro-pastoral herders, whose outward appearance resembles that of the Maasai pastoralists.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal