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May 2020


AgrAbility PA staff have been busier than ever and are moving full speed ahead with client assistance, project planning, educational opportunities, and outreach opportunities. Thank goodness for platforms like Zoom and Go To Meeting that have helped the staff remain engaged. Communication with farmers and ag workers has been steady and is going well.

Andrew Snook - PA dairy farmer

Andrew Snook's social media post went far and wide during the month of April - more than 90 shares, 100+ likes, and more than 13k impressions on Facebook alone! It also did very well on Instagram and Twitter. The time is RIGHT to post, share, or strengthen efforts on social media. Many are relying on it in different ways during this time of crisis. Read Andrew's story here.

AgrAbility PA staff have been participating in a variety of educational and professional development opportunities. It is a great time to learn new things or dive deeper into a topic of interest. Staff members participated in a panel discussion on "Developing Relationships within the Plain Community;" a virtual PSU Extension training conference; and webinars centered around various topics regarding agriculture and COVID-19.

Submitted by Kendra Martin