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May 2020


TN AgrAbility staff collage - "We are here for you"TN AgrAbility began working from home March 24, and although the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way staff are working, TNAP remains committed to their farmers and thinking outside the box to communicate and teach. Staff have been conducting several ZOOM meetings, attending webinars, cleaning inboxes, and enjoying family time.

TNAP is part of a Grain Bin Safety and Rescue/Farm Safety team and is supported by the TN Department of Agriculture. Word is spreading about the training and counties are signing up. Plans are to host up to six grain bin safety and rescue training across the state and promote the services of AgrAbility.

Recommendation of 2 informative webinars:
Thanks , Purdue Farm Stress Team, for the "Communicating with Farmers under Stress" webinar. "We know there is a lot of stress and uncertainty in our lives right now and the agriculture community is no different. If you work with individuals in the agriculture community or interact with farmers and are wondering what is happening in Agriculture industry that is so stressful or you find yourself wondering how you can help those under severe stress; consider joining us for the online presentations of Communicating with Farmers Under Stress!" The staff learned stress triggers, how to identify signs of stress, and reviewed helpful techniques for responding to individuals in severe stress. The program was geared for those who work with producers in their professional capacities or those who want to learn about the signs of stress. It dealt with how to communicate with individuals under stress, how to respond to individuals experiencing a severe stress crisis, and what is happening in the agriculture industry that is causing stress to producers. Watch it on Facebook by clicking here.

"Stress and Safety: Decrease One, Increase the Other". Did you know there is a direct link between stress and safety on the farm? Dr. Deborah Reed, Ag Nurse, hosted a webinar that may help during this crazy time! She focused particularly on how Covid-19 may be affecting safety on the farm. This meeting was recorded, and the link can be sent to those interested in receiving it. Plus, a past webinar from 2019 that is relevant to the current situation can be viewed by clicking here.

Submitted by Tennessee AgrAbility Project (TNAP)