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September 2021

AgrAbility for Africa

2 African fishermen pulling a net up on the beach of a lake with an African boy in front of themLake Victoria, a freshwater lake that supports the livelihood of over 40 million people in the region, and the Nile River fishing industries in East Africa are experiencing hard times as a result of climate change, illegal fishing practices, marine plastic waste, and eco-system degradation from industrial and farm waste pollution. In the quest to save the industries, Agrability for Africa staff have teamed up with Uganda Junior Rangers (Uganda), and VeryNile (Egypt) under the River Nile coalition to save the lake and the river by enhancing promotion of best fishing practices, accessible aquaculture, waste management behavior change, heath information promotion (including hygiene), and community cleanup events starting on the 18th of September.

Activities will be ongoing throughout the week, targeting farmers markets, island, and shoreline communities. The reason behind AgrAbility for Africa's involvement is that the social cost is highest for people with disabilities involved in the industry, as they are affected most by climate change and reduced fish stock.

Experiences of AgrAbility for Africa staff have taught them that there is great need to enhance farm productivity for their clients, and to identify and promote alternative employment opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and farm workers faced with disabilities. Through collaborations, the AgrAbility for Africa 3 African men and 4 women working in field on beehives with open building with tin roof in backgroundstaff endeavors to achieve that.

Currently, the team is actively engaged with the founders of Heroes to Hives out of Michigan to develop a regional beehive program to fill the gap. Under the arrangement, Heroes to Hives and AgrAbility for Africa are looking at introducing and promoting low-cost accessible beehive technologies suited for people with physical limitations.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal