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September 2021


Painting of 2 migrant workers with straw hats working in field of green & red plants with CA AgrAbility logo underneathCalifornia AgrAbility's Esmeralda Mandujano served as co-presenter for National AgrAbility's North Central FRSAN webinar series. Esmeralda and NAP's Kimber Nicoletti-Martinez presented the "Migrant/Seasonal Farmworkers: Stress Issues and Solutions." Esmeralda's section titled "The Intersection of Farmworker Occupational and Mental Health" focused on the effect of musculoskeletal disorders on mental and behavioral health. She also addressed environmental and workplace psychosocial risk factors that impact stress levels, and emphasized solutions and resources that support improved health and wellbeing outcomes for farmworkers experiencing stress.

California AgrAbility staff participated in the Mexican Consulate's Ventanilla de Salud monthly meeting moderated by Program Director Oscar Velasco. The meeting's agenda covered program and provider updates and Binational Health Week event planning updates. The consulate will be distributing information on regional events happening throughout the state of California. Providers in attendance distributed registration information on educational events for caregivers, COVID-19 resources, and information for SeniorLink - a prevention and early intervention program designed to provide support services to older adults experiencing isolation or early signs of depression or anxiety.

Slide with family in center green circle surrounded by colored circles with headings like fitness-diet-finances-healthcare-etc for total farmer healthStaff joined the "Celebrating Veteran Total Farmer Health" webinar, the second session of "Veterans Harvest: A Virtual Conference for Veterans in Agriculture". Natalie Roy from the AgriSafe Network highlighted the various factors that contribute to total farmer health. Special focus was placed on the challenges veterans living in rural communities face in accessing appropriate mental health services.

Submitted by California AgrAbility Project