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September 2021


Winter Workshops are back! Following the long health and safety break for COVID, the Colorado AgrAbility Project is back on the road for their in-person Winter Workshop sessions statewide. The sessions will deliver information on CO AgrAbility's traditional programs that staff call "AgrAbility 101", and then will feature the newest staff member presenting on behavioral health issues of aging. The last presentation will be delivered by Dr. Norm Dalsted and will be a topic of interest to all farmers: "How will the new tax issues affect my bottom line". Exact dates and locations are not decided yet, but staff will offer programs in Steamboat, Lamar, Pueblo, Cortez, Sterling, and Grand Junction. Stay on the lookout for further news and direct emails giving dates, times, and locations.

Staff Changes

Chad Reznicek from chest up wearing gray long-sleeve shirt with mustache and beard with tree behind himThe Colorado AgrAbility Project is pleased to announce that they have a new employee. Made available through FRSAN and WRASAP grants, Chad Reznicek, a behavioral health specialist, has joined the staff to assist Colorado farmers and ranchers with behavioral health issues in seeking resources appropriate to their needs. Chad grew up in rural Nebraska where his parents were raised on farms and agricultural values and ethics were woven into all aspects of their lives. He has worked as a licensed clinical therapist since 2001. Chad's professional experience has included residential treatment, correctional settings, and community-based programs with a wide range of populations and services. He has taken a particular interest in trauma recovery, suicide prevention, and generally empowering people to understand behavioral health issues from a practical and strength-based perspective so that they can take charge of their own wellbeing. Chad is a proud husband and the father of 2 incredible children. He welcomes any questions or feedback at

Submitted by Jim Craig