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September 2021


Cover of book with blue-green background & green yellow orange red and white print titled MAKE STUFF & LOVE PEOPLEStaff hosted two webinars during the month of August with Dr. Therese Willkomm. The first webinar was entitled "Farming with Vision Loss - Voices from the Past" and was hosted on August 11th, 2021. During this webinar Dr. Therese shared a collection of interviews with farmers who are blind and who shared their experiences and adaptations to continue farming with a vision loss. The second webinar was entitled "Make Stuff and Love People" and was hosted on August 18th, 2021. Dr. Therese shared the joy of making thousands of assistive technology devices, discoveries of new tools and materials for rapid fabrication, and lessons learned over the last 30 years. Her new book, "Make Stuff and Love People", can be purchased on Amazon.

Classroom with people in face masks at tables and PowerPoint slide on screen at front with Mason Dean - GA AgrAbility - speakingGeorgia AgrAbility staff and farmers participated in the HBCU Assistive Ag Tech & Empowerment Workshop in Tallahassee, FL, on August 26th-27th, 2021, hosted by NAP. Georgia AgrAbility led the farmer panel portion of the workshop to let the participants hear about AgrAbility firsthand from farmers. Thanks to Chuck Baldwin, Ed Sheldon, and NAP for the invitation to participate in such a meaningful workshop.

Submitted by AgrAbility in Georgia