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September 2021


Due to COVID numbers on the rise, the WSAP stakeholder meeting August 31st became a virtual meeting with 14 in attendance with representation from all WSAP partners as well as Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety & Health Center (PNASH) and DVR. Grant objectives were discussed, as was how to improve DVR awareness of AgrAbility services, and ideas were shared to meet deliverables.

3 mask support pictures showing white plastic mask support going inside of maskWith the return of mask mandates and the rising COVID numbers, WSAP has been distributing silicone mask inserts at events. Placed beneath the mask, these inserts are designed to keep masks from touching the face and can make it feel easier to breath. Able to be ordered in bulk, these make for great low-cost AT solutions for farmers and farm workers, especially while doing high cardiovascular activities.

Submitted by Kristen Hinton-VanValkenburg