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March 2022

AgrAbility for Africa

A red metal wheelchair frame & a blue walker frame & a blue wheelchair on a cement floorAfrican woman standing in banana grove with blue skyAgrAbility for Africa has been doing outreach and visiting different disability support organizations and partners. Among them is Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services. These outreach missions are meant to share experiences, fine-tune collaboration goals, and support and boost each other's capacity for a greater impact. Combined staff will be working on scaling AT technology skills, with Katalemwa providing the skills training and the AgrAbility for Africa team supporting the arrangement in many different ways. Further, the AgrAbility for Africa team will be working to improve the home's farm productivity. Thus, AgrAbility for Africa welcomes interested volunteers with expertise and experience in Black orthopedic leather shoe sitting on wood table with blue chair behind itvegetable vertical farming, aquaponics, beekeeping, and poultry farming to reach out and share their skills to boost farm production and nutrition for the resident children. One of the goals is to set up an employment training farm, which targets farm skill improvement for the youth under rehabilitation at the home and for the community.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal