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April 2022

AgrAbility for Africa

African woman in orange yellow and green dress standing in a banana grove with a little boyIn the past months, farmers across East Africa have seen major agricultural production loss due to drought, pests, and diseases. AgrAbility for Africa has been active out in the field to support and enhance awareness of ecosystem resilience to limit damage caused by climate change and variability - realities that make it hard for its clients when planning for key activities such as timely planting of crops - leading to frequent crop failures and posing significant threats to food security and livelihoods.

On the subject of resilience, the AgrAbility for Africa and Uganda Junior Rangers team partnered for a webinar to share experiences and best practices on inclusion, building capacity for circular innovation, and tackling aquatic/marine pollution in commemoration of the International Solidarity Cleanup that was held on March 13, 2022. This was an event made possible by One Earth One Ocean (OEOO), an international Germany-based non-government organization working around the world to protect and preserve aquatic/marine eco-systems while supporting inclusive employment and the livelihood of fishing communities.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal