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May 2022

AgrAbility for Africa

Group of African men women & youth with blue plastic gloves on and a few face masks standing on bank of river listening to Mutumba FaisalThe AgrAbility for Africa staff hosted teams from the Nile Basin region to discuss industrial and agricultural pollutions, and climate change adaptations and their impact to eco-systems, resilience in farming, and overall farming productivity. Also discussed were equity in farming and social, economic, and health concerns in the interest of improving industry profitability.

Island communities are often forgotten and very hard to reach, but because of the desire and mission of the AgrAbility for Africa staff to bridge services gaps, the team has been busy increasing island visits and extending outreach activities to these farming communities. The goal is to find new clients and to extend support services to these isolated farmers with disabilities. It is a fun but costly undertaking that AgrAbility for Africa intends to continue with the help of multiple collaborations and partnerships in order to increase equity in agriculture.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal