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May 2022


Male farmer in red shirt next to John Deere tractor speaking to a line of female OTs & PTs with red barn & farm in backgroundThe Nebraska AgrAbility team presented an all-day CEU workshop for 23 OTs, PTs, OTAs, PTAs, and students, to educate them about AgrAbility and how healthcare workers might consider the culture and work of farmers/ranchers as patients. The workshop was offered in-person or online, with a visit to a nearby client's farm both in-person and streamed.

Callia - a girl with long brown hair in blue jeans and gray t-shirt standing next to her grandpa - a man with glasses and long mustache - at an AgrAbility boothAgrAbility was the topic of a Lincoln middle school student's "Make a Difference" fair presentation. Callia was inspired to present on the hazards of agricultural occupations and the benefits of rural rehabilitation by her grandfather, who is a recipient of AgrAbility services. In addition to information shared, she sported an AgrAbility t-shirt for advertising and raised $100 in donations from her peers/family. A full-page article describing his injury and AgrAbility experience was also published in his hometown newspaper.

Submitted by Susan Harris