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June 2022


Things are heating up in more ways than one in Alaska presently. With red flag warnings in several locations around the state, the temperatures this season are seeing record numbers. Fire danger is often a concern in Alaska during the summer months. With many areas of the state seeing the effects of forest devastation due to the spruce bark beetle, the low level of precipitation is of concern. So, while the winter was long, staff are hoping for some periodic rain to assist with extremely dry conditions.

First page of PDF titled On-Farm Cold Storage of Fall-Harvested Fruit and Vegetable Crops showing a line of fruits and vegetables under the title & a basket of vegetables in lower right cornerArt Nash hosted Scott Sanford, emeritus faculty from University of Wisconsin (UWM) Madison, in May to provide expertise in several communities regarding fresh produce storage and greenhouse heat applications. Sessions were delivered in a variety of communities in southeast and south-central Alaska. These offerings were open to the public at large as well as AKAgrAbility clientele. The sessions were well-attended in-person and in hybrid formats with a Zoom component added as well. With supply chain shortages and shifting climates, produce storage and infrastructure around storage has become an important topic in the state. Thanks to Scott for sharing his expertise and recommendations. (

Submitted by DeShana York