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June 2023

AgrAbility for Africa

The World Disability Report published by WHO in 2011 states that the prevalence of severe and moderate disability is higher in Africa than in many other regions of the world, especially in younger (<60 years) population groups. It is assumed that the causes are related to infectious diseases and accident injuries associated mostly with roads and farms. Additionally, Africa is the continent with the highest number of children born with congenital disabilities due to nutritional deficiencies of mothers during pregnancy, and untreated medical conditions due to broken healthcare systems across Africa. 

AgrAbility for Africa staff have taken on the challenges to reduce the burden and enhance the quality of care while improving access to employment, rehabilitation, and assistive technologies.

Group shot of attendees at the AgrAbility for Africa workshop in Entebbe UgandaOn the 5th and the 6th of June, the inaugural AgrAbility for Africa event was held. This annual training workshop aims to improve stakeholder coordination at country and continental levels; strengthen evaluations of the effectiveness of disability-specific interventions; Conference room in Entebbe Uganda with people sitting around long tables in a U shape listening to a speaker Dr David Agoleestablish joint strategies to improve the activities of daily living for people with disabilities across Africa.  AgrAbility for Africa’s plan is geared towards improving the quality and availability of rehabilitative care and programmatic interventions for persons with disabilities, establishing safeguards, ensuring implementation of existing laws, and neutralizing any barrier to their social participation.

Staff hope that local and international collaboration will successfully fight the burden of African diseases, poverty, and nutrition. Additionally, it is hoped that such collaboration will eliminate the “double” triple burden; NCDs (Noncommunicable Diseases, also known as chronic diseases); mental health and injuries; and inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene.

AgrAbility for Africa greatly appreciates AgrAbility-USA for the support. Special thanks to Chuck Baldwin –AgrAbility USA, for attending the inaugural event in Entebbe, Uganda; also, Melese Eyob from Ethiopia, and all other local and international speakers, farmers, and the entire AgrAbility for Africa team for the successful event. 

Staff are looking forward to the AgrAbility for Africa training workshop in 2024.

Submitted by Mutumba Faisal