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August 2023


Maureen Cunningham with the Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO) and Missouri AgrAbility, co-PI, provided an in-service for therapy staff at Select Specialty Hospital in Springfield. This education provided information about Missouri AgrAbility for farmers and ranchers receiving care at that facility. Brain injury resource kits were provided for distribution to current and future AgrAbility clients.

BIA-MO replenished the supply of brain injury resource kits to Ozark Neuro Rehab Center in Springfield and the Rehab Institute of St. Louis to provide information and connect farmers and ranchers to services. In addition, Missouri AgrAbility and BIA-MO, partners of Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation and DHSS Adult Brain Injury Program, are distributing brain injury resource kits to service providers in eastern and southeastern Missouri to support Missouri AgrAbility clients with brain injury.

Submitted by: Maureen Cunningham